Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Ross's Auctioneers

Ross’s Auctions has occupied this slightly strange Grade B listed building for the past 75 years in the centre of Belfast, I’m not sure of the buildings original purpose.

I was introduced to Ross’s auctions by Dan, a former colleague a few years ago and ended up coming home with a brass library lamp. I've been hooked since then.

Ross’s conduct antique auctions monthly and sales of Irish Art quarterly. However my favourite is the more humble general furniture and house contents sale which happens every week.

Viewing takes place eac

h Wednesday and the auction itself from 10.00am on the Thursday.

Upstairs has the more fancy stuff, the pieces verging on the antique and downstairs is more your general house clearance/vintage/general bric-a-brac I’ve shown in the pictures.

My folks used to visit the collection of antique shops on Donegall pass (a community sadly now gone), in particular the old Saturday morning market held upstairs in “Alexander the Grates”. I loved the thousands of weird and wonderful things on sale, better than the museum as you often got to touch and play with swords and strange travelling chests or old comics.

Downstairs in Ross’s still gives me that same excitement, that smell as you walk in. This isn’t a shop you don’t know what’s going to be here week to week; there isn’t a price on anything.

As its largely from house clearances you’ll find anything from replica roman swords to deactivated shooting canes, old furniture and a 1000 items of weird bric a brac you never you knew you needed or wanted until now.

It’s a bit like a cross between Lovejoy and Steptoe and Sons house. If you’re into vintage things it’s an Aladdin’s cave.

Your only seconds from the city hall, give it ago, once you go in once you’ll be hooked.

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